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Medical databases serve a crucial function in healthcare which includes patient care, research as well as education. A comprehensive and accurate database can substantially help in advancing the field of critical care medicine.

In this article, I will breakdown all that you need to know about the best Indian Medicine Database from DataRequisite, which is the most trusted one across the world

DataRequisites’ Indian Medicine Database offers information for 1.3 lakhs products in 33 medicine data fields.

The data is provided with the product’s brand name, compositions of the products, and their images.

High Quality Standards

At DataRequisite, we follow Six Sigma performance approaches. We combine it with real-time quality management to create a trusted Indian Medicine Database so that it will be useful for our clients, their customers, and for the healthcare information system users across the world.

Why DataRequisite is the best

The Pharmacy Medicine List from DataRequisite is the best for the following undeniable

  • We offer unique and diverse data with the maximum information
  • The drug database is maintained well with uniformity
  • The Pharmacy Medicine List has multipurpose data structure

The most trusted Indian Medicine Database

The Indian Medicine Database from DataRequisite is an outcome of the continuous hardwork by professionals with more than a decade of experience in the healthcare industry.

The database was meticulously compiled by highly educated clinicians, consultants, technology evangelists and professionals who have profound experience and unrivalled expertise in integrating medicine data into healthcare platforms

Why DataRequisite’s Pharmacy Medicine List is considered valuable

  • The Pharmacy Medicine List follows a “patient first” approach.
  • Provides doctors with the resources and knowledge to reduce the risk of overdose and addiction drug overdoses.
  • The Pharmacy Medicine List helps patients to understand and follow medication instructions.
  • Increases decision-making across the range
  • The Pharmacy Medicine List reduces the uncertainties and inefficiencies that dominates the whole hospital supply chain.
  • Offers a new medical device knowledge platform to transform the ways that healthcare identifies, tracks, and analyses all medical supplies.

Information included in a dataset:

Each dataset in the Pharmacy Medicine List includes comprehensive details that can be easily understood.

The information includes:

Product ID, Product Name, MRP (₹), IGST, HSN, Manufacturer, Composition, Packing Type, Packaging, Schedule, Usage, About Salt, Mechanism of Action, Pharmacokinets, Onset of Action, Duration of Action, Half Life, Side Effects, ontra-indications, Special Precautions while taking, Pregnancy Related Information, Product and Alcohol Interaction, Old Age Related Information, Breast Feeding Related Information, Children Related Information, Indications, Interactions, Typical Dosage, Storage Requirements, Effects of Missed Dosage, Effects of Overdose, Expert Advice, How to Use, and FAQs.

The Takeaway

Our database has been already tried, tested, and has excelled the expectations of millions of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, claims adjudicators, customers, and other decision-makers from all the sector of healthcare.

It is also available in excel format for an easy analysis and understanding.

We put consistent efforts to update the Indian Medicine Database to offer advanced knowledge solutions that will answer the future demands.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us now for the most trusted and the best Indian Medicine database for your digital platform.

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